For Level I and Level II, the study strategy is similar. It is advised that you watch carefully these study-strategy videos

If you want a summary of the steps in the strategy, please read below:

The CFA program curriculum is important and all IFT products focus on its core concepts. For each reading in the curriculum, you should do the following:

1-Watch IFT Videos carefully. Pause, rewind, review where you need more time to understand. Print out the slides and take your own notes as you are watching.

2-Read IFT Notes for extra understanding, reinforcing concepts and retaining the knowledge.

3-Read the examples in the curriculum and do them yourself too.

4-Do the practice problems from the curriculum.

5-Do the IFT Question Bank for that reading.

6-After doing all the readings in a topic, do the IFT quiz for that topic.

7-Three months prior to the exam or when you have done the above steps for every reading, you should practice with full length mock exams. The mock exams should be done in a manner to replicate your real exam experience. These should be done in a timed fashion and in one sitting. This will prepare you for success on the big day.

8-We would suggest that you watch Arif Irfanullah's advice videos here:

If you are short of time and can not read the CFA curriculum, many of our students have been successful by relying on IFT videos as they are comprehensive. If you get stuck doing problems you should review IFT video lectures for that section.

If you find yourself getting stuck with concepts or practice problems and need some extra help, then choose/upgrade to the IFT Premium package which gives you Q&A with IFT instructors.  This service enables you to ask questions and get personalized answers from an IFT instructor via a private online forum.