IFT products ‘closely follow the CFA curriculum’.  What does this mean and why is this important?

IFT videos and notes are aligned with the curriculum. So for example, section 3.1 on the IFT video covers the same materials as section 3.1 in the curriculum. Students find this very helpful because it facilitates students who want to be “true to the curriculum” and hence get the most out of it.

After all, the author of your exam is the CFA Institute, so you need to refer to the curriculum as part of the your study plan. We advise that at a minimum, you review the Curriculum Examples, End of Chapter Questions (EOC's) and do the additional Quizzes and Mock Exams provided to registered candidates.

In a nutshell, because IFT stay's close to the curriculum, our students can ‘Master the Curriculum’ without reading all of it!