Theft is a serious matter! IFT products are only obtained or sold from our official website:

There has been a sharp increase in the Piracy or illegal sale and illegal distribution of IFT's intellectual property.

Each year after considerable investment and effort, IFT creates and produces its Videos, Study notes, and other prep materials to help its students prepare for the CFA Exams:

This includes paying a hefty fee to CFA Institute as an Authorized Prep Provider which allows us:

-Get advance access to the upcoming exam curriculums

-License to reproduce CFA Institutes materials

-Regular/direct contact with CFA Institute leadership which enables us to be a better exam prep provider

Recently many unscrupulous persons or organizations have increased their effort to steal IFT's videos, notes etc, and sell them, or even pass them on as their own work!  

If this brazen theft continues then IFT will not be able to stay in business and will shut down its operations.

We appreciate our honest customers who also abide by the CFA Code and Standards when it comes to matters such as this and they do not illegally share or purchase IFT prep materials from other website or individual.

In order to prevent or at least reduce this, we have had to add security measures.

Starting from 2022 you will observe some or all of these security features on IFT materials.

-Video encryption

-Dynamic watermarking with the student's name on the videos

-Hiding content source details

-Only 1 login by each user (no con-current logins)

We seek your understanding and cooperation on this important matter.