The level III IFT mocks are online. 

It has 2 parts: Morning exam and Afternoon exam. Both are 2 hrs and 15 mins in duration.

The IFT afternoon exam mock is completely online. It is Case-study/MCQ-style and it is designed to be similar to the CBT (computer-based test) exam you will take from the CFA Institute.

The IFT morning (essay) exam mock is provided in PDF format.

It is recommended that you use a PDF editor and write the answers on the answer sheet (PDF) that we provide which then can be compared to the solution given, or can be submitted for the IFT Grading service (if purchased).

To date, CFA Institute has not provided us with the exact simulator of how the exam will look like in the real exam. This is the first time they are making the essay exam fully online - therefore we have provided this in PDF format.

Here is a sample of how the IFT mock looks like. 

You may also login at and visit:

Here is a free PDF editor which you can download:

Click HERE to see how you can solve your morning exam using the PDF editor tools

Purchasing note:

If you purchased the 2020 Level III IFT Mock Exams, then please note the following changes for the 2021 Mock Exam Package: 

  1. There are 3 IFT Mocks for 2021 compared to 2 Mocks for 2020.
  2. Each exam has been edited for the time allotted for the 2021 exam according to CFA Institute guidance.
  3. We have tried to make it as close to the CBT format as possible based on the CFA Institute provided information.
  4. Questions in 2021 Mocks 1 & 2 and been re-used from the 2020 Mocks.
  5. The IFT Mock Essay Exam #3 is a modified version of the 2017 CFA Level III Essay Exam. The vignettes are edited, and questions are changed to make them relevant for the 2021 CFA Essay Exam. 
  6. If you had purchased the 2020 mock exam you can contact IFT support team and get a 33% discount to purchase the 2021 mocks.