IFT Live Classes have been a great success. They have helped students from different backgrounds prepare well for the CFA exam!

The first and one of the biggest advantages of these classes is that you become a part of a study group which helps you stay motivated, updated, and on schedule. Especially, in the current times, where it is easy to get disoriented studying alone, studying with your peers and a mentor can prove to be a big help for your CFA journey.

Secondly, the interactive nature of these classes gives you the facility to get your questions and doubts resolved immediately. One of the major issues that students face during their CFA studies is that they stumble upon a difficult concept and fail to build an understanding and waste valuable time. These classes can prove to be a game-changer if this is the case for you! You will have a helping hand to cross the difficult paths.

Here are some of the salient features that our classes offer over and above the regular study packages:

1. Practice: In these classes, we will teach you how to apply the theory by solving questions. 

2. Prepare Smarter: The competition will be tough, you will not only need to work harder, but prepare smarter (e.g. tips, tricks, what to focus on, timing, avoid pitfalls, etc). The instructor has years of teaching experience, he knows where the strengths and weakness of the CFA candidates lie.

3. Ask Questions: You can ask your questions and get your confusions and doubts cleared fast. Even if you don't ask a question yourself, questions from a fellow student can help you clear doubts that you might not have thought about.

4. Stay on Schedule: By following IFT classes you will not fall behind your schedule. Not completing studies on time is a very common issue faced by many CFA candidates.

Details about the classes:
- Two classes per week.  2-hours per class

– Duration: 5-6 months.

– Ask the instructor any questions via voice or chat during the class

– Classes will be held live via Zoom meetings. Classes will be recorded so you can watch a class if you miss it.

– Class recordings are uploaded every week for you to use as a review tool or catch up in case you miss any class.