With 1 month to go till the exam date, ideally, you should have studied most of the Level I Curriculum (or watched IFT detailed videos) for most of the topics/readings.
With the remaining time, the best strategy is to use the below resources for your study.
Do as much as you can from the below tasks.  It is listed in our recommended order of priority.

1-Watch IFT High-Yield Videos (key and test-able concepts covered in about 20mins per reading)
2-Review IFT High-Yield Notes
3-Solve Curriculum end of chapter questions 
4-Do practice quizzes/questions on CFA website student portal (registered candidate resources)
5-Solve IFT High Yield Q-bank
6-Only If time permits: Solve Curriculum Examples and also watch IFT "Level I Solved Example" Videos (which cover the curriculum examples) 
7-Mock exams on CFA website student portal (do 1 now find out your weak areas) and then keep the remaining (and IFT mock exams) for the last 7-10 days. Make it a timed exercise.

*Use the IFT Key Facts and Formulas sheet while doing all the above tasks.

You can ask IFT instructor questions when you are stuck if you are a premium package customer or if you have purchased the Q&A with IFT Instructor service.