IFT Videos can be downloaded to watch offline only via the IFT App* 

(*This feature is only available on Android devices)

To do this follow these instructions:

1-Log into the IFT App (and ensure you remain online)

2-Go to the video which you want to download

3-Click the vertical ellipses (...) on the right of the video name and then click on "Download Video".  Download is possible for most videos, except for some Level I videos which are hosted on YouTube.

See the image below to assist you.  The red circle notes the ellipses and then you will see the option to download.

When you are offline, if you need help to learn how to watch the videos, click on this link 


1-Videos are saved in your phone/tablets memory storage.  You will not be able to find the video "files" as they are encrypted, so you can only access them from within the IFT app.

2-You can delete them once you are done if you need to reclaim the space. If you want to delete all the videos in one go then visit you 'Profile' page and scroll to the bottom.