You can find the IFT App on both Google Play store and Apple App store under the name: IFT CFA® Exam Prep.

This is app works for all levels of the CFA Program and provides you with IFT Videos and Documents.

The app is synchronized with your course enrollment which you registered for at

If you already have an account on then login on the App the same way you log in at (i.e. use existing email/password OR Facebook/Google login). 

If you have not registered with IFT recently you can then sign-up via email or social login.

The app login screen is shown below.  You must login based on your IFT account type. (email based or Facebook or Google social media)

Here is a common scenario:

You have an Email-based account on, which is already active.  Which means that you can access IFT free or paid learning materials.

How do I get the IFT app:  

1-Download the IFT app and Install it and Open it

2-Enter your email ID and password (which you use on Click White Login button

If you get a “Login Failed.  Invalid email & password combination” message, then either you have forgotten your password or it is possible that you need to reset your password.

To resolve this issue, RESET the password by clicking on “Forgot Password” on the App. This will then send a link to your email from where you will reset the password for All IFT online services (website and App).

As always, if you are still struggling, please get help from IFT support team. Click here.