The Premium Q&A groups (hosted on Linked In) are private chat groups.

Based on your purchase from IFT you will have access to this service. 

For more details on the access please click-here

When using the LinkedIn Group, please adhere to these guidelines

  1. Use your own Linked-In account to access, post and view group discussions (the service is only for the person who bought it) 
  2. For each issue or Question that you raise, make a separate Conversation (Unless the additional comments are about the same issue)
  3. Please provide all information necessary for the Instructor to answer and assist you (see note 1 below)
  4. Please only ask study questions here. Questions about IFT products/accounts/access issues should be sent to IFT Support team
  5. A maximum of 30 questions in total can be asked (follow up questions about the same issue will not be counted as separate questions)
  6. A maximum of 5 questions per day can be asked.
  7. You should get a response within 48 hours of your question post. If you do not or for any help you may need please contact IFT Support team

Note 1: Questions allowed:

The origin of the questions asked as part of this service need to be either CFA Institute curriculum or materials or IFT materials (Videos, notes, Questions, etc). Questions from a 3rd party will not be answered (e.g. from other Prep Providers)

Note 2: Information to include in your question:
The more details which you provide the better.  Along with explaining your observed error or issue, please provide some further details:

(**You can always send a full page picture of the materials to help the instructor)

For Videos 

1) Video file full name 

3) Minutes or Slide No. (or a large screen capture which displays those details)

For Practice Questions:  

1) Name of the Q-bank/Test/Quiz/Mock-exam 

2) Topic and Reading no. 

3) Question no. or if its an online question, provide the Q-code (e.g. L1-CF-CGEI-002)

For Notes/Printed Materials: 

1) Document name 

2) Page No.