IFT promotes Active Learning.

Active Learning is a form of learning in which students interact in the learning process more directly than in other methods. Active learning techniques cause students to engage with the subjects rather than passively take in information and it is a more effective way to understand, conceptualize and retain the material.

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Through Active Learning, we are sure that your Learning, Retaining and Mastery of the CFA Program curriculum will improve.

To reach this goal, for each reading in a topic, you should do the following with the help of Active Learning software features:

1. Learn: 

Understand the concepts clearly. Watch the lecture videos attentively. Carefully follow examples. 

2. Review: 

Recap the key concepts by reviewing the summary slides presented after the video.

3. Practice:

Quiz yourself on the basic concepts being explained in each lecture. Reference to the learning outcomes and sections (from the curriculum) are provided. Check your answer and see the explanation.


After watching all the lectures for a reading, use the IFT Question bank to test to see if you have mastered the contents of the reading.  You should be scoring above 60% and ideally above 70% on the tests.

Good luck!