This App works for all 3 levels of the CFA Program and provides you with IFT Exam Prep Videos and Documents.

The App is synchronized with your course enrollment which you registered for at

So if you have a free package then you will see your free videos on the app (see Notes below)

If you have purchased a Videos package -- then you will see the videos and documents which you receive with this package on the app.  (the same videos and documents which you can view from IFT website.

At the moment you can only find IFT resources on the App which are in Video or document format (no Question banks or Quizzes).

To refresh your 'My Courses' list on your app with the App server, Swipe down within the IFT App.  You will see the spinning wheel and then the 'My Courses' list will be updated. 

If you do not see the courses which you expect (based on your payment or free sign up) then read the below notes.

If you are using the same login on and on the app and still do not see your courses, then please contact IFT support via a support ticket.

Important Notes:

1) You need to make sure you log in on the App with the same credentials as you registered with at

If you are new to IFT then you can create a free account on the App instead of at

2) If you are a Free package user for Level 1 and you want the ability to download all videos for offline viewing, please upgrade to any paid video package from the link below: 


Paid video packages are highly recommended for ACTIVE LEARNING

Please click on this link for more information: