Despite quality assurance practices at IFT, we are aware that the final versions of our prep materials may contain some errors. This is a fact that cannot be avoided in any organization. However, at IFT, it is our goal to minimize this factor and be very responsive when customers report such issues.

We will greatly appreciate it if you can provide the details of the error or issue which you find and we guarantee that we will check it, reply back to you, and also fix the issue as soon as possible. 

The more details that you provide the better.  Along with explaining your observed error or issue, please provide some further details:

-For Videos:

1) Course name, Level and Year.

2) Video name 

3) Minutes or Slide No. (or a large screen capture that displays those details)

-For Notes/Printed Materials: 

1) Document name  

2) Page No.

-For Practice Questions:  

1) Q-bank/Test/Quiz/Mock-exam 

2) Topic and Reading No. 

3) Question no.

or if it's an online question, provide the Q-code (e.g. L1-CF-CGEI-002)

If possible, please also send screenshot of the area where you are having trouble.

OR you can use the feature which many online questions will have by clicking on the Octogon shape on the right side of the Q-code as shown below.

Then you will get a form that is Pre-filled with your details and the question and quiz details so we can easily identify the question which you are referring to.  All you need to do is type the issue which you are reporting.  We will reply back to you within 2-4 working days.