The Level III grading service is available for the Essay (morning) Exam.

Only 2016, 2017 and 2018 past papers will be graded by IFT.


Please submit your exams by 25th May 2019 so we can return the graded exam to you in a timely manner.

We will not accept any exam papers submitted after 3rd June 2019.

The benefit of submitting your solved exams early is that you will get time to review and incorporate the feedback from the IFT instructor.

That way you can improve your learning/preparation and essay exam writing technique before submitting your subsequent exam.

Reminder: Grading by instructor takes 7-10 days to complete

If you leave all exams till the last weeks, then you will get feedback just before the exam which will be less useful for you.

Below are instructions which you need to follow to ensure a smooth and efficient service.

1-Getting the substitute questions (IFT Completion Portfolio)

If you have purchased the Single Exam service, you need to email or message us, specifying which years exam you want graded by IFT and them we will email you the 'Substitute Questions' for that years exam.  If you have purchased the 3 Exam grading service, you will find the substitute question PDF files in the learning portal course folder "2019 Level III Completion Portfolio" 

Make sure that you write legibly and if possible use black ink (it appears better in scanned documents which you have to send us)

2-Scan your written exam

We would like to receive your completed exam in a PDF file format.

Please also hand write your name on your exam paper before scanning it.

Please scan your papers using a scanner (use at least a 200dpi setting and paper size A4 or US Letter)

You do not need to scan the Question paper, as long as your answer has clear reference to the CFA Question # or IFT Question #

You can also use a smart phone app "CamScanner".  This app will use your phone camera to create an optimized PDF file before you send it to IFT (see app link below).

**PLEASE ensure that you email IFT a single file with all the pages in the correct order.

3-Email your exam to IFT

Once you have done the above please email the pdf file as an attachment to

Do mention your full name and the exam year in the text of the email.

Links to download CamScanner App for mobiles: