The Level III Grading & Feedback Service is available for the Essay (morning) Exam.

Essay Exams for grading by IFT are IFT Mock Exam 1, IFT Mock Exam 2, and CFA Institue Mock Exam (when available).


Please visit the Grading Slots Calendar here: 

Find an open/available slot on the date in which you wish to submit your solved exam and contact the IFT support team with your request to reserve the slot for you.

After we acknowledge receipt of your submitted exam, you will receive your graded exam and feedback within 4 calendar days (Sunday is not included in this count of 4 days).

*For the December 2020 exam: If you want to send your solved exam before 1st October -- you can do that. However please email IFT support team ahead of time, so we can confirm the availability of the grading service on your intended dates.  No Grading slots will be provided after 25th November 2020.

The benefit of submitting your solved exams early: 

  • You have time to review and incorporate the feedback from the IFT instructor. 
  • You have a chance to improve your exam performance and essay exam writing technique ahead of the actual CFA Exam.


Below are instructions to follow to ensure a smooth and efficient service.

1-Get the IFT Mock Exams or CFA Institute Mock Exam (when available)

(if you have the Premium package these are included)

  • If you want to solve/submit the CFA Institute mock exam, you can do that.
  • Download the PDF file and print it out.

2-Do the mock exam

When you are ready, find a time where you can do the mock in a single sitting. Sit where you will not be disturbed.

Write/solve the exam on the pages provided for your answers.

Do write legibly and where possible use black ink (black ink has better content visibility in scanned documents)

Time yourself and do your best to stay in the allotted time.


3-Scan your written exam

We would like to receive your completed exam in a PDF file format.

Please also hand-write your name on your exam paper before scanning it.

Please scan your papers using a scanner (use at least a 200dpi setting and paper size A4 or US Letter)

You do not need to scan the Question paper, as long as your answer has a clear reference to the mock exam question number.

You can also use a smartphone app "CamScanner".  This app will use your phone camera to create an optimized PDF file before you send it to IFT (see app link below).

**PLEASE ensure that you email IFT a single file with all the pages in the correct order.

4-Email your exam to IFT

Once you have done the above please email the pdf file as an attachment to

Do mention your full name and the exam year in the text of the email.

Links to download CamScanner App for mobiles: