IFT E-Commerce Portal (IFT website)


This is where you learn about IFT products and services, sign up for a Free Trial and make your orders.  

You can also read the IFT blog, watch CFA videos and download helpful CFA exam prep materials.

IFT Learning Portal


This is the IFT Learning Portal (ILP) where you will find all the materials which you have purchased or your Free Trial.

The password for this portal is initially set to be the same password that you created on www.ift.world

To reset your password on the IFT website or Learning Portal visit here: How do I Reset my IFT Password?

IFT Support Portal


This is the IFT Customer Support portal where you are reading this help document. Here you will find FAQs, help articles, solutions to issues and answers to questions.

You don't need to have a login to this website, because our messages to you will go to your email. If however you want to have a login to track your tickets, just contact IFT team via support ticket.

You can send a Help request to the IFT team via a support ticket.