Many students give the level I CFA exam and come out with high hopes. They want to start to prepare for Level II without delay!

IFT can assist you here and this is what we suggest:

1- Read or Watch IFT advice Blogs on Level II preparation and how it is different from Level I
2- Prepare a schedule and focus on which initial topics you will start with. You can check IFT Classroom Schedule as a guide.
3- Purchase the IFT Level II Basic Package  or  the  IFT Level II Topic Videos on the Level II page on our website (we are one of the few Approved Prep Providers who sell our videos by topic!)
4- If you buy only a few Topic Videos, you will have the option to upgrade to any Level II package by paying only the difference (if you get a Pass Result!)
If after making any Level II purchase, you find that you did not pass Level I, we can adjust your package to any Level I package or even provide you with a refund in certain cases.

If you need any further help, please create a support ticket here.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming results !