Level II Crash Course

We do not have a Trial for the Crash course, however here are more details and sample materials you can review.

Summary Videos

Here is a sample video

All of the readings are covered in these summary videos.  Each video is about 15 minutes and the total is about 15 hours. 

They are download-able so you can keep them or you can stream the videos online via the IFT learning portal via PC/tablet / smart-phone. 


The quizzes cover each Topic and they are in Item set format.  There are a total of 192 questions.

Please find the PDF file for the Full Sample Quiz below, as attached to this solution.

Mock Exam

This is a full mock exam which you should set aside 6 hours to complete. It follows the same format as the actual exam and the topics are weighted just like your upcoming CFA exam. 

Q&A Videos

Here is a sample video

These videos are based on questions which student ask. If you choose the option to ask question -- you can send in your own question which will be answered based on a schedule during April and May. 

You can also download the summary video slides and a Formula sheet which are all download-able so you can print them out.