Yes, crash courses are available for Levels I and II. 

The crash course is your final preparation and revision tool for the last three months before the exams.

For the June exam, the crash course will on sale from March.

For the December exam, the crash course will on sale from September.

The objective of the crash course is to cover the most important points from each topic, to make you practice exam like questions and to crystallize your concepts through Q&A. In the Crash course you will get:

  • Summary videos for each reading
  • Question bank
  • Formula Sheet
  • Study Notes
  • Video library of solved questions

There are 2 types of crash courses offered by IFT for each Level:

Basic - The Basic Crash Course 

Q&A - The Crash Course with Questions & Answers with IFT Instructor.

For more details, please visit the IFT website: